Safety & Maintenance Information

It is the Owner/User’s responsibility to maintain and operate shopping carts consistentwith these safety and maintenance recommendations, per the voluntary standard ASTMF 2372

We strongly recommend you read and follow all safety and maintenance information contained in this document before placing your carts in service. In purchasing these carts, you have made a valuable investment. The information provided in this document will help you care for your carts. This will extend their useful life and reduce the replacement rate for your fleet. Furthermore, keeping your carts in top condition will help provide safe and usable shopping carts and add to the positive reception by your patrons.




  •  All carts must have a seatbelt properly attached.

  • Seatbelts must not be ripped or torn and buckles must    operate properly.

  • Check that there are no missing or broken parts on your     carts.

  • Check that there are no broken, bent or jagged pieces of    the cart protruding.

  • Check that the Safety-Warning Label in child seat area is    present and fully legible.

  • Check that wheels and casters are not bent, loose or    missing from their mountings and the wheels roll freely.

  • For carts that have a infant seat attached make sure that      they are properly installed and securely attached.

  • If you find a cart that is damaged you must take this cart    out of use until repaired.
  • Carts should be cleaned at least once every three (3) to six ( 6) months – carts exposed to snow, ice and salt may need to be cleaned more frequently.

  • While cleaning, carts should be relocated to an area away from vehicles and shoppers .

  • If using a power washer, do not exceed 1500 PSI of water pressure or 150 degrees Fahrenheit of water temperature.

  • Check with your Local, State and/or Federal regulations regarding run off of detergents or cleaners –adhere to all requirements.

  • Allow carts to air-dry before returning to operation.

  • Never use a solvent or a degreaser on the bearings of your carts. For proper lubrication, use only an oil or grease that is approved or recommended by the manufacturer of the caster or wheel.

  • Carts must be moved prior to any building maintenance such as cleaning to avoid getting chemicals on the carts finish.



(from a parking lot to a store)
  • The quantity of carts being returned from a parking lot to a store should be limited to a quantity that can be easily handled by one person (typically 6 to 10 carts).

  • When turning carts being returned from a parking lot to a store, use a broad radius – tight turning radii applies excessive stress to the frame/chassis; the resulting damage may not be covered by the one year limited warranty.

  • Store carts in a covered and well ventilated area

  • DO NOT store carts under a tarp – surface rust may develop on metal components.

  • Avoid storing carts in standing water or near a water source that will expose them to moisture – surface rust may develop on metal components.

  • Rotate the inside fleet with the outside fleet – this allows carts to dry out from time to time during inclement weather and evens the life expectancy among the fleet.

  • DO NOT allow carts to contact the exterior wall of a store – because scraping may occur and surface rust may develop on metal components at the contact point(s) or sharp edges/points may result on plastic components.
  • Parts such as seat belts and casters can be easily replaced. Other cart repairs require a higher level of mechanical expertise. Please consult with Advance Carts toll-free at (877) 575-0469 or via email

  • When replacing worn or missing seatbelts it is important to note that the attachment of the seat belt is critical for its correct performance. Please refer to the instructions included with your replacement seatbelts to ensure proper installation.

  • Recommended repair/replacement parts for Advance Carts Shopping Carts can be purchased by contacting us toll-free at (877) 575-0469 or via email at

  • We recommend that this copy of Advance Carts, Inc. Shopping Cart Safe Use and Maintenance Guide be kept on file or displayed within your facility. Advance Carts is not responsible for after-market additions to carts or maintenance performed by unauthorized service contractor/company/provider at your store.

  • For a list of service companies, please call our Customer Service Department toll-free at (877)575-0469or via email at