Smart Cart - Vee

Shopper Engagement Platform for the Physical Store

In the aisle, at the shelf, and at checkout

How to Vee


Enter phone number (or scan QR code)

Clip coupons & deals (aisle aware)

See shopping list

Find products (interactive store map)

See recipes & recommendations

Checkout (optional)

Scan items as you shop

Tap to pay or insert card

Skip the line and go

What is the Vee “Connected Screen”

Modular Design

Fits on any size shopping cart & designed for theft resistance

All-day Battery

18hrs run time, 1 min swappable battery, includes charging station

Weather Resistant

Carts can go to the parking lot - rain or shine.


mGPS tracks cart location indoors & outdoors. Alerts are sent to employees to retrieve carts from the parking lot.

Engagement throughout the shopping process

From building the shopping list to checkout

Boost in-store shopper engagement on the retailer app

Analyze in-store traffic patterns, dwell times, effect of coupons, end caps, and impact of device​

Direct offers to shoppers based on loyalty data and location in the store

Frictionless checkout designed with shrink resistance​

Utilize platform for delivery of retail media direct to the shopper​

Increase basket size by delivering promotions and coupons to the screen​

Our Customers

Our technology is deployed in some of the biggest retail brands.​

Alyse Wuson, Sr. Director at Albertsons

“Veeve offers a sophisticated, yet simple self-checkout experience for people who value time savings. Our goal is to enhance the grocery experience no matter how our guests choose to shop, and Veeve’s technology brings the ease and integration of e-commerce right to the grocery cart.”

Ron Megahan, CEO of Metropolitan Market​

“Customer convenience is a core tenant for us, and Veeve helps us deliver on that promise with a personalized shopping and unparalleled self-checkout experience. With Veeve we can now provide greater personalization through real-time offers, product recommendations, shopping lists and more. We’re thrilled to bring the Veeve experience to our customers and to expand to more locations.”


Bigger Baskets

Boost sales and increase avg.basket size


Avg. Spent

Real-time personalization
Aisle-aware deals and promos


Avg. Trip Time

Shoppers spend less time in the store but buy more



Based on 2800 shoppers survey post checkout

Getting Started with Engage

Our Engage service requires no retailer integration.

Backend Integration
Location Services
Store Setup